10 February 2021 Announcement

Science education sector for the better part of the last few decades has grown as a sector. Yet, the growth is still questionable since the looming pandemic of COVID-19 has proven otherwise. With so much of investments in the infrastructures and state of the art facilities, the teaching and the learning process is still modeled on the outdated class-based lecture system. VirtuPharma efficiently challenges the rampant idea of physical labs for real-science with their virtual cloud-based labs. The fact that we have harnessed all facets of technology yet the overarching need for a better and updated education deliverance system is long overdue.

Today, the giant educational infrastructures stand deserted and institutions are looking at online learning platforms to bring the educational process to somewhat normalcy amidst the lockdown. As the future of the learning sector is in-process of a major revamp and VirtuPharma is already headed in that direction.

Online Distance Learning Scenario

At this point, institutions are making use of various streaming and audio/video chat-based platforms, from zoom, skype classrooms to google hangouts, and other educational tools such as Educreations or Flipgrid. But the question arises, that are these measures enough? When it comes to online learning the real limitation is the lack of real-time lab work that is the fundamental part of science-based education. Therefore, we can’t help but agree that such measures are efficiently flawed and are a last-ditch effort to keep the learning process afloat.

Associated Gaps and Limitation of Conventional Online Learning Platform

Some of the identified limitations with non-specialized forms of online learning stem from the lack of scientific approach. Since these online platforms are not tailored for carrying out practical aspects of the educational process, they merely serve as a platform to connect educators and students in a seminar or conference like environment with very few offering cloud-based storage solutions and other simulated classroom features. Whereas, learning requires a hands-on and practical approach. Hence, relying on lecture-based learning isn’t enough to fill the educational void that has manifested in our current situation.

How Does VirtuPharma Cloud-Based Online Learning Factor-in

VirtuPharma in its entirety is among the few simulated learning platforms that have been ahead of its time in terms of building cloud-based real-time labs. With right accreditations and standard protocols, VirtuPharma’s online platform not only serve as online classrooms but also as highly equipped cloud-based virtual laboratories. Since scientific education is no more a theoretical construct it requires analytical and scientific-based learning that can only be achieved with lab work. Therefore, VirtuPharma’s real-time scientific cloud-based labs are pertinent in overcoming the gaps in online learning. The cloud-based virtual labs are specifically of unique significance here, as it provides educators with an all-rounded solution that combines lecture-based and lab-based learning with access to virtual instruments and real lab-like facilities & technique simulations.

Pioneering Features of VirtuPharma’s Online Learning Platform

What sets apart VirtuPharma’s services & features in comparison to other learning platforms is their patented technology, their simulated analytical or diagnostic labs and training platforms to connect peers and scientists for the unhindered and uncompromised learning process. The aim is to simulate the real world-like environment virtually to promote industry-validated lab training for individuals and scientists.

Future Avenues for the Cloud-Based Real-time Virtual Labs

Touted as the world’s first cloud-based virtual laboratory VirtuPharma offers dynamic solutions for scientific and training-based learning. Amidst the lockdown situation to partial immobility in various cosmopolitans, VirtuPharma has contributed to easing the scientific operations for many educators and looks forward to enhancing the products and features to reach new horizons. We take immense pride in the fact that our real-time labs offer a dynamic online learning model that has not been offered by world-class institutions yet. Additionally, a competitive grant from the government has put VirtuPharma on the map to promote and improve our platform on larger scales and achieve broader goals. If the current COVID-19 predicament is any indication, then it’s true that a change in the educational sphere is inevitable and cloud-based virtual labs like VirtuPharma have a dynamic role to play.

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